• Eating Disorders and Weight-inclusive Medical Care

    Eating disorders are common conditions which often go undiagnosed or undertreated in routine medical care. In addition to anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder, there is a continuum of disordered eating that can involve an unhealthy relationship with food and physical activity. Our providers and staff have extensive training and experience in the recognition and treatment of eating disorders. We offer a safe non-judgmental environment where patients can seek medical care for eating disorders, including initial medical assessment, management of symptoms and medical complications of eating disorders, and management of other concurrent psychiatric conditions, such as depression and anxiety. We collaborate closely with dietitians, therapists, and psychiatrists in the community to provide a collaborative, team-based approach to their care. We are also connected with residential and inpatient eating disorders facilities in the area and across the country, and assist patients in the referral process to these facilities when indicated. It can take courage to seek help for an eating disorder, but individuals can begin the process of recovery with the help of an experienced and caring team of providers.

    Our approach to weight is different than the standard in most health care environments. We practice with a Health at Every Size® paradigm, which is central to our care for all of our patients. We recognize size diversity and do not weigh our patients at their medical visits. We recognize that weight is not a barometer of health and does not simply equate to disease risk. We recognize the harms of recommending dieting and weight loss, and the harms of weight-cycling on health. We offer a compassionate non-diet approach to individuals’ body image and nutrition concerns that involves evaluating for disordered eating and discussing principles of intuitive eating. We provide a safe place for individuals to discuss their struggle with chronic dieting, body image, and eating behaviors, and a place where there is no shame or judgement. It is possible to begin to steer away from the scale and the cycle of dieting, and to instead begin to focus health and wellness for those of all body sizes.