A medical practice that breaks the mold.

Imagine looking forward to visiting your doctor’s office.

We strive to be that practice.

Each individual has unique health care needs, and we have created a model of care that allows us to provide comprehensive and personalized care in an unrushed environment. Our entire team of providers and staff are dedicated to creating a positive and welcoming medical home base where we offer a non-judgmental approach to care.

Our providers, with specialization in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Women’s Health, and Gynecology, have a unique combined expertise in primary care and gender-specific health. Our practice was originally envisioned to provide complete and coordinated care for women by offering both primary care and gynecologic care, including the care of medical conditions with gender-related differences, contraceptive care, management of menstrual abnormalities, STI treatment and prevention, and menopausal care.

As our practice has grown and evolved, we have broadened our spectrum of care. We provide gender-affirming hormonal care, primary care, and trans-affirmative gynecologic care for transgender women and men and gender non-binary individuals. We have expanded our women’s health services to include the care of adolescent girls, who have unique health care needs requiring compassionate care. We also offer specialized and comprehensive medical care for individuals with eating disorders, and collaborate closely with teams of providers in their care. We offer a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals.

We see each individual as a complex and whole person with an awareness of the connections between the systems of the body and mind, and between an individual’s health and their environment. We provide high-quality care by practicing evidence-based medicine and tailoring medical recommendations to each unique person. We focus on prevention and wellness, while also managing acute and chronic medical conditions, and partner closely with our patients in their care.

Our practice has been designated a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). As a medical home, we provide comprehensive and integrated care for our patients with a focus on access to care and quality of care. Our health care team coordinates patients’ medical care that they receive from other specialists and in the hospital. This designation has helped us enhance the vision of the practice to provide uniquely personalized and innovative medical care.